December 2019

Ringing in the New Year

Fellow drinkers, you have less than two days to finalize your plans for New Year's Eve, which includes your choice of bubbly or other spirits to get into the New Year's spirit! Depending on what you already have going on, you may not even need to make new plans: many restaurants and venues are providing a toast complete with champagne. But if you plan on celebrating at home or with company in another home, you might want to get creative and get your bottles today.

Starbucks Hacks

Starbucks hacks are so fun to me that I'm in a few different Facebook groups where I learn how to order like a pro! I don't even get Starbucks every week, but when I am headed there for a treat (usually when I can score a TON of points on my gold card, because that's the way to order!) I often check to see if there are any new tips and tricks. 

Ode to 2019

2020 is only days away, and I have a tiny but mighty challenge for you, my fellow poets: can you sum it up in six words? If you're not familiar with six-word memoirs, check them out here and see what you think before accepting this challenge! Can you sum up 2019 in just six words? I'm still pondering mine.

New Year's Eve Games

As the New Year rapidly approaches, it's almost time for my favorite way to ring in another year: with games! We'll be playing with friends and family as usual this year, which means I'll get to try a bunch of new ones out since one of our friends and my sister both like to get new ones for the occasion. 

2019 Reads Wrap-Up

How was your year in books, Bibliophiles? If you rate your books at Goodreads like I do, it's pretty easy to track and see what you've read, what you liked and disliked and how much progress you made on your TBR. My TBR is ridiculous, with several thousand books, which makes it impossible to completely tackle, but I do make progress each year (while adding more books to the TBR!).

New Year's Desserts

In the past, my family and I always made fun New Year's appetizers for our meal, but last year we started a new tradition where we go out for dinner somewhere we've never been before. This doesn't always mean dessert is on the menu, in a literal sense, so we still need to plan for a treat when we get home!

Baby Yoda Cat

A few years ago, I saw a dog that looked just like an Ewok and wanted to adopt it so badly. We already have dogs and cats and I knew we couldn't get it because of those reasons, but now that there's a baby Yoda (Kevin?) cat I'm beginning to wonder if there really are any made-up characters in the Star Wars franchise. Maybe they're all based on real life pets!

New Year's Deals

At this time of year, many people are shopped out after Christmas, but there are still some great deals going on. Here are just a few I know about; which ones are you planning on hitting?

Bath and Body Works: Their semi-annual sale is always this time of year, as well as in June. You can find a bunch of deals up to 75% off and it's really the time to stock up if you use their products throughout the year. They have daily deals you can sign up to learn about, like $3 handsoaps and wallflowers.